Versa Introduce New Solenoid Valve

New Direct Lift Solenoid Valve from Versa

Versa Introduce New Solenoid Valve

A week at the OTC Exhibition in Houston proved very successful for Versa Valves. The introduction of new products created a large amount of interest with visitors to their booth. As a departure from their well-known solenoid-pilot operated spool valves, Versa have introduced the D-316 valve. This is a high flow, direct acting solenoid valve. Designed as a 3-way (3/2), it is a true multi-purpose/universal flow valve that is bubble tight throughout its complete operating range and cycle life. It has a working pressure range of up to 12 bar, and is designed to operate with air, inert gases, and low-pressure hydraulics. High performance stainless steels make this valve an ideal choice for the harshest environments. The D-316 Series meets world wide hazardous area regulations and standards and comes with a number of options. including manual reset and low temperature seals. It is designed for ease of installation and field serviceability and makes the D-316 the choice for all applications.

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