New NAMUR valve catalogue from Versa Valves

Details of aluminium and 316 stainless steel direct mount actuator valves are shown in the latest catalogue

New NAMUR valve catalogue from Versa Valves

The Versa NAMUR mount control valves are high flow, bubble-tight, and designed to mount directly to any NAMUR actuator, thus reducing actuator response time and space. Installed costs are also lower as the need for tubing, fittings, brackets and assembly labour are greatly reduced. All mounting screws and seals are included with the valve. Materials are aluminium for the C5 range or 316 stainless steel for the C316 valves and both are  high flow, solenoid/pilot type valves. This design from Versa Valves assures a positive shift when the valve is energised and reduces the chance of coil burnout. Manual override for single or double solenoid valves are available as an option. Details of the ReBreather are also included. This is designed to protect the spring chamber of the actuator from external airborne contaminants.

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